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The Team

Who We Are


Dr. Traci Taggart

Founding ND

Dr. Traci Taggart is a primary care Naturopathic Physician with specialties in chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, menopause, fertility, thyroid conditions, and digestive issues. Many of her patients come to her with difficult to diagnose cases after having gone to a number of other doctors unable to find the cause of their illness.

    Dr. Lindsey Peck

    Associate, ND

    Dr. Lindsey Peck is passionate about offering individualized naturopathic care to persons of all ages. Her personal health journey led her to alternative ways of thinking about why we become ill and how we heal. She aims to identify the root cause of disease and always considers the mind, body, and spirit.


      Dr. Edwina Bogatski

      Resident, ND

      Dr. Edwina Bogatski is our resident physician and works hand in hand with Dr. Taggart. She graduated from
      Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, BC and originally comes from New Zealand. 

        Anne Bryson Doyle

        Office Manager

        Anne is Aven Medical’s office manager. She graduated from University of Washington and is passionate
        about helping patients with Lyme disease. She has personally suffered from Lyme disease and has faced many of the same
        challenges and treatments as our patients. When not at work, she is practicing art, raising her children and running her own
        small business, Nostalchicas.


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